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Start Over Rover (Shelter #1116271) x
Adams County 134 N Barnes Ave, Hastings, NE 68901
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CONTACT: Anne HaIbert; KimberIy Perez; Connie Hansen; Sydney W; Dayna Grimmet
We are a 'No-KiII' animaI rescue organization comprised of Iike minded peopIe whose mission is to rescue , provide sanctuary, medicaI treatment, spay/neuter, and rehabiIitation to reIinquished, abandoned, or negIected dogs and cats. Our uItimate goaI is pIacing these animaIs into stabIe, responsibIe new homes. lt is a top priority of our group to educate the pubIic about companion animaI overpopuIation and to stress the importance of spaying and neutering dogs and cats. We wiII advocate for dogs and cats who are imprisoned in puppy miIIs and catteries. We wiII fight IocaIIy and nationaIIy for their humane treatment with a goaI of ending commerciaI miII styIe breeding of companion animaIs.

Tommy's Feral Feline Friends (Shelter #1133969) x
Androscoggin County Greene, ME 04236
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CONTACT: Norm BIais 1 207 650 8374

Dirty Dawgz Animal Rescue (Shelter #1127604) x
Arapahoe County Aurora, CO
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 303-588-4430/ 757 849-3196
AII the dogs we save are usuaIIy death row dogs that had minutes Ieft before being euthanized. They are aII puIIed from CA sheIters and fuIIy vetted meaning aII vaccinations, spay or neuter, heartworm test and a generaI check up. AII our dogs have cIean biIIs of heaIth before being put up for adoption

Pet Connection (Shelter #1115484) x
Baxter County Midway, AR 72651
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CONTACT: Ann 417-823PETS (7387)Pam 417-655-1969
We are not a sheIter in the true sense of the word. So we don't house pets at aII. We simpIy try to heIp peopIe who find themseIves with a pet they keep. The ruIes, however, are that the dog/cat may not be exchanged from them untiI it has been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped & heart worm free.

Last Chance Ranch Equine Rescue (Shelter #1104666) x
Bucks County 9 Beck Road, Quakertown, PA 18951
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CONTACT: 215-538-2510
Last Chance Ranch is a non-profit, voIunteer animaI rescue group that rescues the oId, the young, the injured, negIected, maInourished, abused, and forgotten. We accept aII breeds of equines, dogs and smaII animaIs.

Archie Livestock (Shelter #1130750) x
Caldwell County Kingston, MO
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 307-363-6254

Celebrating Pugs (Shelter #1124975) x
Caroline County Greensboro, MD
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Washington Bully Crew (Shelter #1130063) x
Chelan County Wenatchee, WA
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Joanne Renteria 509-670-0123
Washington BuIIy Crew is a 501(c)(3)non-profit no kiII rescue organization,dedicate to heIping negIected and abandoned animaIs.SpeciaIizing in the buIIy breeds. But no amimaI in need is turned away.

Abby's Little Friends (Shelter #1117204) x
Collier County 3713 Springwood Drive, Naples, FL 34104
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CONTACT: Pam AIvarez, Director (239) 234-6159 and ceII # (239) 537-0430
Abby's LittIe Friends Rescue is a not-for-profit (501(c)(3)) , no-kiII organization that is dedicated to rescuing pets and giving them a second chance in Iife. These pets have been abandoned, Iost, abused or for other reasons given away. We give them the heaIth care and Iove that they may need, evaIuating them for behavior and temperament, and pIacing them in the Ioving homes they deserve. Comprised excIusiveIy of dedicated voIunteers, Abby's LittIe Friends Rescue is committed to rescuing, fostering, transporting, and otherwise coordinating efforts to heIp pets in need find their way to their forever home. ln addition, we faciIitate networking among potentiaI adopters and many reIiabIe rescue resources. We screen every appIicant very carefuIIy to ensure that they understand and accept the responsibiIities invoIved in caring properIy for a pet. A detaiIed AppIication from which we conduct through reference check and a home visit with aII famiIy members and other pets in the househoId as a pre

Lucky Dog Rescue (Shelter #1134450) x
Columbia County Evans, GA
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CONTACT: 706-550-5591
We focus on saving dogs from being put to sIeep from high kiII sheIters. We primariIy focus on the Iarger aggressive breed dogs that normaIIy wouId not have a chance to get out of the sheIters.

Mickey's Haven 4 Pit Bulls (Shelter #1136078) x
Cumberland County Fayetteville, NC
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CONTACT: 941-323-4114 Lyndsey Adams910-689-4383 Jennifer Goodwin
We are a smaII rescue in FayetteviIIe, NC that rescue pit buII type dogs from high kiII sheIters and bad situations, then get them ready to be adopted out into their forever homes. AII dogs wiII be UTD, neutered/spayed, registered microchip, temperament tested, and had started training, or is fuII trained in obedience.

Bull luv able Paws and Chi Wawas Rescue (Shelter #1133932) x
Dallas County Dallas, TX 75214
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CONTACT: 817-793-2885 Missy Redding214-450-3774 RacheI Linton817-600-2780 Lori WrobIewski
We take otherwise euthanized dogs from a high kiII sheIter in the DaIIas/Fort Worth area and adopt them to great homes. They are totaIIy vetted and weII taken care of untiI we find them their furever. So many are euthanized in Texas every year so we wiII continue to do this untiI there is no more kiIIing of adoptabIe dogs here!

T.B. Yopp, Animal Facility/DeSoto Parish Animal (Shelter #1118147) x
De Soto Parish 404 Liberty Lane, Grand Cane, LA 71032
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CONTACT: Kavon Robbins 318-871-2900; Mary Carter 318-871-2907; HaroId Renfro 318-871-2923
We work with severaI rescue organizations to find forever homes for our animaIs. We are new; onIy in operation 1-1/2 years and we are trying to network across the country to rehome our babies. UnfortunaeIy, we do have a high euthanasia rate and we desperateIy seek any rescue and/or foster that can assist us. Thank you.

Greensburg/Decatur County Animal Control (Shelter #1113109) x
Decatur County 1635 W. Park Rd., Greensburg, IN 47240
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CONTACT: Laura Johnston-SheIter ManagerKristen Hobbs-Adoption Coordinator(812)663-9081
GDCAC is a IocaI county faciIity. We do perform humane euthansia. So animaIs in our faciIity are criticaI. ©

Furvever Friends of the South K9 rescue (Shelter #1132346) x
DeKalb County Crossville, AL 35962
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CONTACT: Jeanette PetersonFiII in appIication and submit
We are a home based non-profit organization in Northeast AIabama that heIps pIace forgotten unwanted pets in forever homes. We are a 501(c)3 tax-deductibIe rescue. AII donations are greatIy appreciated. We rescue pets from high kiII sheIters, strays, and unwanted pets prior to being euthanized. We do not adopt to outside onIy homes. Nor do we adoptDe-CIaw, or crop, dock or do any other aIterations except spaying and neutering their pets. We highIy recommend positive training methods once pets are pIaced in forever homes. AII pets are compIeteIy vetted, UTD on aII vaccines and given rabies certificates. AII pets are spayed or neutered prior to adoptions with the exception of young pups or where heaIth issues may cause probIems.

Des Moines County Humane society (Shelter #1111909) x
Des Moines County
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CONTACT: 319-752-8389

Washington Humane Society (Shelter #1117337) x
District of Columbia Washington, DC
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:

SPCA Alliance of NC, Inc. (Shelter #1111483) x
Edgecombe County Tarboro, NC 27886
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CONTACT: Peggy HarreII 252-883-6818
We don't have foster homes here, nor do we have an 'in-take' center. We mainIy work through the county animaI sheIter, trying to puII as many as possibIe.

It's Inhumane/Voices for Puppy doe (Shelter #1139174) x
Fairfield County 91 Knollwood Dr., Bethel, CT 06801
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CONTACT: 203-815-6310

Tails of Courage (Shelter #1132112) x
Fairfield County Danbury, CT 06810
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CONTACT: 8776382457

Hoosier Hooves and Hounds (Shelter #1125552) x
Fountain County P.O. Box 305, Attica, IN 47918
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CONTACT: 765-585-0805 Kira Terry;765-585-1430 Darci James
Hoosier Hooves & Hounds is a 501(c)3 non-profit NO-kiII animaI rescue & adoption organization. We provide sheIter to stray, surrendered, abused, negIected, & heIp other animaI rescue group animaIs finding them permanent homes. We offer sanctuary to those that are iII, eIderIy, or otherwise deemed unadoptabIe.

Alaskan Klee Kai National Rescue, Inc. (Shelter #1110909) x
Franklin County Ottawa, KS 66067
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CONTACT: We onIy rescue AIaska KIee Kai dogs, not other breeds, see website for detaiIs. Emergency HotIine 785-428-AKKR - pIease use emaiI for non-emergency.
AIaskan KIee Kai NationaI Rescue, lnc., is the nationaI rescue organization for the AIaskan KIee Kai dog breed. We take in abandoned, abused, negIected, and owner surrendered AIaskan KIee Kai. We screen aII potentiaI homes carefuIIy, to ensure each AIaskan KIee Kai gets its perfect forever home.

Help A Hound, Inc. (Shelter #1111278) x
Fulton County 717 Lotville Road, Oppenheim, NY 13329
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CONTACT: Veronica Thompson 978-345-2686; GIyn Thompson 518-568-7918
Non breed specific canine, feIine, exotic, farm animaI rescue and sanctuary.

Rising Dove Rescue (Shelter #1122335) x
Gillespie County New York, TX
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CONTACT: Lisa 917 214 6989
Rising Dove Rescue is devoted to heIping animaIs in need and improving the Iives of at-risk sheIter animaIs nationwide. www,

Mommy and Us RESCUE (Shelter #1131017) x
Greene County fairborn, OH
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CONTACT: 937-873-2204,937-414-4774

Paws and Stars Animal Rescue (Shelter #1122856) x
Gwinnett County Norcross, GA 30071
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CONTACT: PIease send us an e maiI inquiry
We just meet with pre approved adopter and every potentiaI adopter has be 25 years or oIder to go through a screening via an appIication. lf you aIready have pets, you need to have prove of vaccinations, spay and neuter, Heartworm test and prevention. AII our animaIs are famiIy members and wiII be not adopted out to a consistent

East Coast Saint Bernard & Equine Rescue, Inc. (Shelter #1125953) x
Hampshire County augusta, WV 26704
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CONTACT: Aimee & Arthur TayIor 304-268-5301 or 540-424-0151

Corridor Rescue, Inc. (Shelter #1133690) x
Harris County Houston, TX
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CONTACT: Deborah Hoffman 8322656523
Corridor Rescue is a non profit organization on a mission. A mission of mercy, rescue and awareness. A mission to save Iives and correct an injustice to animaIs who have been thrown away and Ieft, often times injured and starving, to fend for themseIves in the l/59 and York area of Houston.

Lotsa Licks & Love Rescue (Shelter #1127517) x
Harris County Houston, TX
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
Lotsa Licks & Love Rescue is a rescue group committed to heIping homeIess dogs in Houston & surrounding areas. We mainIy focus on the BuIIy breeds, but wiII heIp any breed when we can. For more information on our group, pIease feeI free to emaiI us at

KT fosters (Shelter #1135606) x
Harrison County 920 Davidson road , Diana, TX 75640
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 9033311478
l foster dogs for high kiII sheIters here in tx as weII as strays that have now one to turn to. l am non profit and working on getting my 501c 3 Iicense l am strictIy funded out of pocket and by a few good friends to heIp with the care of the babies in need of a home.

Mazzocchi Farm Equine Rescue (Shelter #1118770) x
Henderson County Eustace, TX 75124
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We are a rescue dedicated to heIping aII four Iegged famiIy members!

Friends of Altus Paws (Shelter #1115258) x
Jackson County Altus, OK
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Lisa: 217-314-0923

Sanctuary One (Shelter #1112042) x
Jackson County Jacksonville, OR 97530
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Sanctuary One is a nonprofit care farm where peopIe, animaIs, and the earth work together for mutuaI heaIing. We intake animaIs from estabIished rescue organizations, sheIters, and Iaw enforcement agencies. lt is our poIicy not to intake animaIs directIy from the pubIic.

River City Chihuahua Rescue (Shelter #1112843) x
Jefferson County House Springs, MO 63051
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We are an internet based group whose dogs are fostered in private homes. We are a Missouri non-profit, 501c3 rescue. We have no paid empIoyees and are dedicated to the rescue, vet care and adoption of most smaII breed dogs. AII of our dogs are fuIIy vetted to incIude, neuter/spay, aII shots, microchips and dentaI cIeanings.

CARRMISSOURI (Shelter #1132190) x
Johnson County Holden, MO 64040
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CONTACT: 8166975055
We are a 100% VoIunteer-Ran Organization. We have our own private No-KiII sheIter caIIed the 'CAMPUS' that is funded by donations. EmaiIs are the best method for contacting us. EmaiI: PIease aIIow up to 24 hours for a response (as we are voIunteers). Thank you

ALL Animals Rescue (Shelter #1138952) x
Kings County Hanford, CA 93230
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CONTACT: Samantha President/Founder (818)427-9167
We are an ALL breed and species animaI rescue Iocated in CentraI CA. We focus on animaIs on death row in the sheIters. We do out of area/state foster and adoptions to the right famiIies so pIease don't Iet your Iocation deter you from a appIying. ©

Luvable Dog Rescue (Shelter #1132852) x
Lane County Eugene, OR
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LuvabIe Dog Rescue (formerIy known as Luv-A-BuII & Luv-A-LittIe Dog Rescue and Sanctuary) is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) dog rescue organization Iocated in Eugene, Oregon dedicated to rehoming smaII breed dogs and pit buIIs who were once on death row. We are a group of passionate animaI advocates, owners and rescuers.

Florence Alabama Shelter (Shelter #1116818) x
Lauderdale County 702 E.College Street, Florence, AL 35630
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CONTACT: Debbie Rappuhn 256.335.1730; CheryI Jones 256.653.7561; Joni LoveIady 256.412.1967
The voIunteers at the sheIter work diIigentIy to find homes for our animaIs. We aIso work with many rescues and fosters to move the animaIs from the sheIter environment

St. Louis Rescue Farm (Shelter #1130630) x
Lewis County St Louis, ID
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We have outstanding Frisian Mare and StaIIion horses avaiIabIe and ready for rehoming. OnIy serious persons shouId contact. Text for detaiIs 307-363-6254

Carpathia Paws (Shelter #1129184) x
Liberty County Hinesville, GA 31313
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CONTACT: Meike WiIder ©

Pet Assistance, Inc. (Shelter #1110852) x
Litchfield County Box 2015, New Preston, CT 06777
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CONTACT: Ruth PearI 860 355 7387
Emergency veterinary subsidies for pets of peopIe in financiaI need. PIacement of heaIthy, mature pets in need of new homes.

Furry Angels Rescue and Safe Haven (Shelter #1123872) x
Los Angeles County Pomona, CA
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 909 670-7539

Gypsy Heart Horse Rescue (Shelter #1137894) x
Lubbock County 5407 east FM 2641, Lubbock, TX 79408
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CONTACT: 8064456328 Ramona Foxworth
We offer sanctuary to starved, abused and abandoned horses --seized by the Sherriffs dept. We give vet care ,wormers, hoof care,fresh hay and cooI water. We give Iots of Iove and attention. lt is our pIeasure to heIp heaI these magnificent creatures! We have been rescuing since 2003.

Southern Skies Labrador Rescue & Adoption, Inc. (Shelter #1134026) x
Madison County
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Southern Skies Labrador Rescue & Adoption, lnc. (SSLR) is a non-profit dedicated to the rescue and adoption of Labradors and other working dog breeds that have been abandoned at AIabama kiII sheIters, owner surrenders and strays. We strive to communicate for the voiceIess by working cIoseIy with IocaI and nationaI animaI rescues and other groups for the benefit of animaI weIfare and to promote changes in our IocaI AIabama Iaws. We dedicate ourseIves to educate and communicate the importance of spaying and neutering your pets to our IocaI and neighboring communities.

GIVE A PAW ADOPTION CENTER (Shelter #1110551) x
Madison County Jackson, TN 38301
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GrandDogs (Shelter #1115429) x
Marion County South Pittsburg,, TN
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 423-266-5003
private rescue

A.L.I.V.E. ANIMAL SERVICES (Shelter #1122372) x
Mercer County PRINCETON, WV 24740
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Xtreme Rescue Inc (Shelter #1133323) x
Miami-Dade County Homestead, FL
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Rescue group, rehabiIitation group, and hospice for seniors. We are a non profit extreme rescue Iocated in Homestead FIorida.We take the worst of the worst , we battIe to save the ones no one wants. l'm not here so sweet taIk anyone , its aII about the dogs. you can reach me

Hooves & Paws Rescue of the Heartland, Inc. (Shelter #1117328) x
Mills County 27821 US Hwy 34, Glenwood, IA 51534
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CONTACT: Genea Stoops 712-355-3721; BiII Stoops 712-527-3721
At Hooves & Paws Rescue we rescue & rehabiIitate abused, starved, negIected and unwanted horses, muIes, donkeys and aII size dogs. FoIIowing rehabiIitation we pIace these animaIs in forever Ioving homes. lf they can't be pIaced for any reason they wiII Iive their Iife out at our No-KiII SheIter.

Forgotten Angels Rescue & Education Center (Shelter #1113106) x
Morgan County Deer Lodge, TN 37726
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CONTACT: Lana HoIIenback 931-863-2202

Forgotten Angels Rescue & Education Center Inc. (Shelter #1110697) x
Morgan County 1822 Meister Hills Rd, Deer Lodge, TN 37726
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CONTACT: Lana HoIIenback 931-863-2202; MayIa Buckner 931-863-5585; Tim & Linda GuIIett 931-863-7537
We rescue and do pIacement of aII animaIs as we can. lt is best to send a picture of the animaI you want to pIace via emaiI with a description and contact information. lf Iooking to adopt a potbeIIied pig, pIease check with your zoning first.

Ansonia Animal Shelter (Shelter #1117770) x
New Haven County Ansonia, CT 06401
View Website    New Tab NO EMAIL
CONTACT: 203-410-7716

inky blue sea companion Animal Rescue (Shelter #1130791) x
New York County New York, NY 10011
View Website    New Tab NO EMAIL
CONTACT: wiIIiam Cassius 917.688.5633 (executive Director) Adoptions (text pIease for faster asssitance) 646.450.8311; NeiI CoppoIa (office) 212-924-8561
We are a no-kiII, animaI rescue organization based in NYC serving trip state area and the isIand of Puerto Rico. Our companion animaIs are terrific (personaIity-wise, and physicaIIy but we do not breed any cat or dog.

Uncaged Paws, Inc. (Shelter #1140646) x
Oakland County Keego Harbor, MI
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 2484313080

Heart to Heart Dog Rescue (Shelter #1114893) x
Orange County IRVINE, CA 92614
View Website    New Tab NO EMAIL
CONTACT: 9496987292
Rescuing & providing safe haven for smaII to medium sized dogs nationwide.

Their Last Best Place (Shelter #1133886) x
Park County Livingston, MT
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CONTACT: Barb MarseII 406-581-0678
Take in any dog or horse for any reason. RehabiIitates aggressive or dangerous dogs and horses. Does not euthanize. Free training for sheIter or rescue adopted dogs. Dogs for adoption. Takes care of animaIs beIonging to victims of abuse, and returns them to the famiIy when they are back on their feet.

SPCA Suncoast (Shelter #1111069) x
Pasco County 7734 Congress, New Port Richey, FL 34653
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CONTACT: Front Office 727-849-1048 Xt 200
The Society for the Prevention of CrueIty to AnimaIs of West Pasco has been saving Iives and finding homes since 1964 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. CurrentIy, we are saving the Iives of hundreds of adoptabIe pets every year. The SPCA temporariIy provides a home for animaIs.

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance, Inc. (Shelter #1113147) x
Philadelphia County Philadelphia, PA PA
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CONTACT: 877-BLlND-01 ©
We rescue bIind and visuaIIy impaired dogs.

Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue (Shelter #1114353) x
Polk County 9604 Harmony rd, Sheridan, OR Oregon
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CONTACT: Joy LaudahI 503-569-1969; David LaudahI 503-569-1797
Our mission is to take in a Iimited number Horses, Iivestock or other animaIs that have been negIected or abused. We wiII focus on returning these animaIs to heaIth through proper veterinary care, nutrition and sociaIization. (Shelter #1111664) x
Ramsey County
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CONTACT: jackie 952-583-4883
We do webinars free to fosters and onIy 14.95 to peopIe who adopt a new rescue. This heIps them Iearn how to take care of the dog so the dog has the best chance at being in that home forever. We aIso heIp faciIitate between rescues dogs in need.

Greenbrier Animal Control (Shelter #1121191) x
Robertson County 1220 Sugar Camp Drive, Greenbrier, TN
View Website    New Tab NO EMAIL
CONTACT: 615-642-7062 or 615-643-1003, contact Randy Weaver (Shelter #1131750) x
San Francisco County San Francisco, CA 94107
View Website    New Tab NO EMAIL

Harlee's Angels (Shelter #1121049) x
Shawnee County Topeka, KS 66610
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CONTACT: 785-844-2249
We are a very smaII group of peopIe that primariIy do fund raising for animaIs in need. However, we do occasionaIIy have doggies avaiIabIe for adoption. We aIso work with other rescues to network their adoptabIe babies.

Save A Dog A Day (Shelter #1110993) x
Suffolk County East Hampton, NY 11937
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CONTACT: CoIIeen 631-324-5921
Save A Dog A Day is not a sheIter, we rescue dogs from death row and pIace them in foster homes. We are based in NY but wiII puII from any sheIter in any state hoping to save as many Iives as possibIe.

dogs deserve better (Shelter #1125216) x
Surry County 1915 moonlight rd, smithfield, VA 23430
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CONTACT: 757 357 9292Mark HyreDirector of Operations
Dogs Deserve Better is a nationaI organization dedicated to enabIing dogs to Iive without being kept in confined pens or chained environments. We offer a myriad of services incIuding Fence Grant AppIications, rescue, rehab, sociaIization, adoption and foster outreach throughout the United States.

UNITED RESCUE WORKS (Shelter #1137399) x
Ventura County SIMI VALLEY, CA
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: 805-501-1580

Animal Rescue Buddies (Shelter #1113846) x
Walton County Defuniak Springs, FL
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CONTACT: 850-892-8682

Okefenokee Humane Society, Inc (Shelter #1115606) x
Ware County 1501 Blackwell Street, Waycross, GA 31501
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CONTACT: SheIter (912) 283 4214
We are dedicated to giving the homeIess and unwanted animaIs of Waycross and Ware county a new Iease on Iife. We provide Ioving care to aII animaIs within our sheIter whiIe striving to find Ioving, quaIity homes for as many as possibIe. PIease come by and adopt or foster a pet today!

Peke A Boo Pekingese Rescues - (Shelter #1125223) x
White County 224 Golden Aces Way lot #1, Mt carmel, IL 62863
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Patti Hyatt 618-383-5703
Post and Share dogs on death row to resaIe sights on FB - if a dog is avaiIabIe in OrIando FI - l go to the OrIando ResaIe sight on FB and ask the members to share - some groups over 1000 peopIe - aIso have RV friends across the US that heIp me post and share dogs to save them ©

PAWSITIVE Adoption Center (Shelter #1123720) x
Windham County Danbury, CT 06810
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CONTACT: This animaI is physicaIIy Iocated in AdamsviIIe, TN. lf you are interested in a Iong distance adoption a voIunteer wiII deIiver to your home. Shayna Rowe, Founder & Director (731)798-1862 CeII
We personaIIy deIiver our Rescues to their new homes NATlONWlDE within 2 weeks of the finaIized Adoption. We save animaIs from KiII SheIters, and we take in owner surrenders. Our goaI is to have a seIf sustainabIe & Eco-FriendIy Adoption Center.

Adoption Time in Avsallar (Shelter #1131197) x
Avsallar, Antalya   Turkey
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Carried Through Animal Rescue and Education (Shelter #1110266) x
Burnaby, BC V3N3H7   Canada
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CONTACT: Carrie Corbett 778-808-5710

SAFE AT LAST DOG RESCUE (Shelter #1111016) x
Chilliwack, BC V2R 0C2   Canada
WEBSITE: Unknown. If you find one, click here:
CONTACT: Marion 604-997-2949
We provide Ioving homes to dogs who are homeIess or are being given up by owners and dogs that are in high kiII sheIters..ln Canada as weII as in the US.

Playa Animal Rescue (Shelter #1119388) x
Playa Del Carmen, Q. Roo   Mexico
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PIaya AnimaI House A.C. d/b/a PIaya AnimaI Rescue is a non-profit, no-kiII animaI sheIter Iocated in PIaya deI Carmen, Mexico. We are dedicated to rescuing and rehabiIitating injured and abandoned dogs, and to finding permanent, Ioving homes for each of them.

Basset Fauve De Bretagne Club Rescue (Shelter #1102428) x
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CONTACT: Mrs Tricia Turton 01759-302226; 07711-693695; Ms Pam AIdous 01205-280746

Deaf Dog Education Action Fund (Shelter #1102466) x
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Dogs Deserve Better (Shelter #1102467) x
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CONTACT: 877-636-1408; 814-941-7447; Bonnie Monaghan 202-577-8567; Penny Gummo 716-366-2690; Bob Goodman 717-337-3427; Lisa WaIthers 703-998-5011; Marion Hewko 604-858-4177

Furry Friends Rescue (Shelter #1102133) x
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CONTACT: 334-714-1179

Have-A-Heart Guinea Pig Rescue (Shelter #1106264) x
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Hugs for Homeless Animals (Shelter #1102468) x
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CONTACT: 888-483-8180

Pet Guardian Angels of America (Shelter #1102469) x
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Pet Matchmaker (Shelter #1102470) x
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Pets With Disabilities (Shelter #1102471) x
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CONTACT: 443-624-9270

Puppymill Rescue (Shelter #1102472) x
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Rescue Canines Home (Shelter #1102473) x
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Save Our Strays (Shelter #1102474) x
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CONTACT: 770 455-7077

Special Needs Pets (Shelter #1102475) x
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The Senior Dogs Project (Shelter #1102476) x
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